Week 4 Questionnaire

  • You were introduced to the DAW (or sequencer), the step sequencer, and a range of notation software. Do you feel you would like to explore any of these technologies further?

I am very familiar with DAWs and use them a lot in class. I have explored MuseScore, but find that it is fairly awkward to use in class. I use step sequencers in Reason at school.

  • Have you been persuaded that the DJ-producer does have an awful lot of sophisticated musical skills?

I think each DJ-Producer is different – there is certainly the scope for virtuosic composition and performance in electronic music. Siriusmo and Flying Lotus both show mastery in composition and production.

  • Do you agree with David Price that learning has gone “OPEN”?

Yes. Myself and many of my students use online materials to learn all the time. I have one student who is 12 years old and building his own 3D videogame in C# and Unity using YouTube tutorials.

  • What were the best examples of OPEN learning that you found either in the course content, in your own searching, or the work of your peers?

The best example I have ever found is Harvard’s CS50 course – they provide a virtual computer for your use which makes it feel like you are on campus.

  • What does Project Based Learning (or the other BLs) have to offer Music Education? And what does Music Education have to offer Project Based Learning, and all learning, in the 21st Century?

I think that Project Based Learning is very rewarding for students. The fact that they have an artefact to show for their work at the end is a significant motivating factor.


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